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Publications from the Wireless Health and Wellness team.

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Jin, R, Shi, L, Zeng, K, Pande, A, and Mohapatra, P (2014).
MagPairing: Exploiting Magnetometers for Pairing Smartphones in Close Proximity
In: Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications and Networks Security.

Joslin, AC, Green, R, German, JB, and Lange, MC (2014).
Concept mapping One-Carbon Metabolism to model future ontologies for nutrient-gene-phenotype interactions.
Genes Nutr, 9(5):419.

Pande, A, Casazza, G, Niorici, A, Seto, E, Miyamoto, S, Lange, M, Abresch, R, Mohapatra, P, and Han, J (2014).
Energy Expenditure Estimation in Boys with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy using Accelerometer and Heart Rate Sensors
In: In Proc. IEEE Healthcare Innovations and Point-of-care Technologies Conference.

Pande, A, Baik, E, and Mohapatra, P (2013).
Efficient Health Data Compression on Mobile Devices
In: 3rd ACM MobiHoc Workshop on Pervasive Wireless Healthcare (ACM MobileHealth 2013).

Pande, A, Zeng, Y, Das, A, Mohapatra, P, Miyamoto, S, Seto, E, Henricson, E, and Han, J (2013).
Energy Expenditure Estimation with Smartphone Body Sensors
In: 8th International Conference on Body Area Networks (Bodynets) 2013, pp. −.

Pande, A, Zeng, Y, Das, A, Mohapatra, P, Miyamoto, S, Seto, E, Henricson, E, and Han, J (2013).
Accurate Energy Expenditure Estimation Using Smartphone Sensors
In: ACM Wireless Health 2013, pp. −.

Wang, X, Zhu, J, Raghuramu, A, Pande, A, Mohapatra, P, Abdelzaher, T, and Ganti, R (2013).
STAMP: Ad Hoc Spatial-Temporal Provenance Assurance for Mobile Users
In: 21st IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (IEEE ICNP) 2013, pp. −.

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