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UC mHealthy Configuration for Participants--Quickstart

The quick pic-tutorial below describes how to get up and running on the UC mHealthy portal as participant. For technical support related to the UCmHealthy portal, you can reach us by email at During business hours you can reach us by calling 916-734-6848.

Multiple ways to view this tutorial 

Click on any picture in this QuickStart for greater detail, or click here to get the PDF (although the animations will not display in the pdf version)


Log in to the UCmHealthy portal

Change your password!

Add Moves-App connector

Explore UCmHealthy I--the Calendar App Timeline

Explore UCmHealthy II--the Calendar App Data Streams

Explore UCmHealthy III--the BodyTrack App Views

Explore UCmHealthy IV--Customizing BodyTrack App Views

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